To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

To Kill A Mockingbird is about a girl called Scout who is growing up during up during the early 1900s. To Kill A Mockingbird is geared towards young adults. Scout is 5 years old when the book starts and 8 years old when it ends. Scout loves to play and believes that everyone should be treated fairly. Scout is very brave. When Atticus (Scout’s father who is a defense lawyer) is entrusted with a difficult case Scout and her brother Jem have to face the townspeople. This town is going to be shaken up. The way this family handles their circumstances is amazing. I thought To Kill A Mockingbird was an amazing book. I loved it. Five Stars. -annaleeliz and Buttons

The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate

The One and Only Ivan is about a gorilla who lives in a mall and tries to get someone he loves into a zoo. The One and Only Ivan is geared towards young adults. Ivan is a silverback gorilla. Ivan was taken from his home and was sold to Mack, the owner of Big Top Mall. A young elephant comes to Big Top Mall and changes Ivan’s life. When Ivan’s oldest friend dies she makes Ivan promise to get the young elephant to a zoo. This book is a story of complete love.  The One and Only Ivan is a great book. It will reduce you to tears. Five Stars. -annaleeliz and Buttons

One for the Murphys, by Lynda Mullay Hunt

One for the Murphys is about a girl in foster care called Carley who goes to a foster family called the Murphys. The Murphys are not at all like Carley’s real mother. One for the Murphys is geared towards young adults. Carley is in shock after assault and going into the hospital. When Carley goes to the Murphys she is prepared to run away. But then Carley learns that the Murphys really care about her. Carley learns to love the Murphys and the Murphys learn to love Carley. Soon Carley’s mother wants to leave with Carley . Carley wants to stay where she is wanted and loved. And because of Carley’s mom’s hand in all this Carley is not sure she wants to live with her mother. WARNING: There is assault in this book. Four Stars. Have a great day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons 

Okay for Now, by Gary D. Schmidt

Okay for Now is about a boy called Doug who lives in a town called Marysville and has to live a life there. Okay for Now is geared towards young adults. Doug has 2 older brothers called Lucas and Christopher. Lucas served in the Vietnam War. Lucas is now blind and has had both his legs amputated. Christopher was accused of robbing 2 stores. One store twice. When Doug goes to school he has all that mess as a reputation. Everyone judges him by his brothers actions. Doug wants to leave Marysville and he doesn’t want to be judged. But then Doug learns to draw and Marysville opens up. Does Doug really want to leave? I thought Okay for Now was a really good book. This book is sad, happy, and funny at the same time. Five Stars. Have a great day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

The Wearle, by Chris D’ Lacy

Beautiful Amazing Book

The Wearle is about a dragon called Gaberiel and a boy called Ren who have to rescue a drake. The Wearle is  geared towards young adults. The Wearle is the first book in the Erth Dragons Series. Gaberiel was a disgraced dragon and was renamed Aberiel. Ren is the only one in the village who believes the dragons will not hurt the villagers. Gaberiel was fighting for a female a tradegy happened and Gaberiel was blamed. A drake went missing. Ren found the drake and gave it to Aberiel. What happens next? Read to find out. I thought The Wearle was very good. Five Stars. Have a great day. -annaleeliz and Buttons

The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes, by Du Bose Heyward

Beautiful Little Story

The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes is about a momma bunny who is chosen to be one of the five Easter Bunnies. The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes is geared towards all ages. Little Cottontail also known Momma Bunny has 21 children. The 5 Easter Bunnies must be the cleverest, wisest, kindest, fastest, and bravest bunnies in the whole world. Little Cottontail has been told all her life that she couldn’t be the Easter Bunny because she lived in the country and was a girl but one day Grandfather Bunny picks her to be one of the Easter Bunnies. Grandfather Bunny sends Little Cottontail on the hardest journey. Is Little Cottontail up to it? I thought The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes was a great book. Five Stars. -annaleeliz and Buttons

Monstrous, by Marcykate Connolly

Heartfelt Sad Book

Monstrous is about a monster who looks like a but has a barbed tail, raven wings, human and cat eyes, claws, and parts of many different girls. She is called Kymerya and has to rescue the girls of Byre. Monstrous is geared towards young adults. Kymerya or Kym as she likes to be called was brought back from the dead by her father. Kym is to rescue the girls of Byre. Kym always wants to help Byre. A wizard puts a sickness curse on the girls of Byre and toys with in his prison. But beware, things are not always as they seem. I thought Monstrous was a good book. Five Stars. -annaleeliz and Buttons