Quiet Power, by Susan Cain

In this non-fiction book, Quiet Power, world-famous author Susan Cain talks about the power of introverted children. The book Quiet Power is a non-fiction book. Quiet Power is about 200 pages long with an afterword for parents and teachers, Susan Cain, the author of Quiet Power, is also the author of Quiet, has been on TED Talk, and is an expert on introverts. Compared to other non-fiction books Quiet Power is a bestseller. Quiet Power has informal language and is geared towards tweens and teens. This book is written in a normal prose. Quiet Power is about introverted children and how they can channel their inner superpower. Any introverted child or teen would enjoy this book. Quiet Power has that quality that makes it stick in your mind for weeks. Five Stars. I enjoyed reading Quiet Power and I hope you do too. -annaleeliz

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