Convergence, by Stan Lee

Convergence is about a kid, Steven Lee, who taps into his Zodiac power, the Tigerand fights Maxwell, who wants to take over the world using his Zodiac power, the Dragon. Convergence is about 500 pages long and is part of the Zodiac Legacy series. Steven Lee, is the owner of the Tiger power. He used to live in western PA but went to China with his class. Steven now lives in Greenland. Steven needs to learn to control his power. Maxwell, the owner of his own private army called the Vanguard, wants to take over the world. Maxwell thinks that he should have the Zodiac power all to himself. Steven and his team have to stop Maxwell. If you love suspenseful stories, Convergence is for you. Convergence is for middle to high schoolers. Stan Lee, the author of Convergence, helped create most of the MARVEL Superheros. I loved Convergence and I hoped you do too. Five Stars. -annaleeliz

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