Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is about Harry discovering a Potions book with notes in it written in it by the mysterious Half-Blood Prince. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is for young adults. Harry is now the best at Potions and has private lesons with Dumbledore. There is a new teacher at Hogwarts(again) called Professor Slughorn. Professor Slughorn will be teaching Potions and Professor Snape will be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry thinks that Draco Malfoy is up to something and has become a Death Eater. The old Minister of Magic resigned and the new Minister would like Harry to become the poster boy for the Ministry of Magic. Harry is now Captain of the Quidditch team and he has a girlfriend. Harry has private lessons with Dumbledore, Quidditch, finding out what Malfoy is up to, and trying to figure out who the Half-Blood Prince is. Can Harry do it all?

I thought Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was amazing. This book is a fast read which you can not put it down for to long without forgetting what has happened. I do not normally read fast paced books so this was fun. I loved Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Five Stars. Thanks for reading!!! Have a great day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

What do you think of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Lets discuss in the comments below!

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