A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

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Thank You to Kristi Meyer at YA and Wine for recommending this book to me. This book was great for me.

Henrietta Howl is a normal girl. She works at a school as a teacher with an abusive principal. She tries to stop the principal from hitting the girls with his cane. She also tries to control the fire within her. After all, witchcraft is illegal. Henrietta does not want to be burned at the stake. I do not think that anyone wants to be burned at the stake. But then someone finds out that she has powers. And he realizes that she is not a witch but a sorcerer. And that she fulfills an ancient prophecy. So Henrietta is the Chosen One. So she has to learn spells and other things so that she can battle evil. But then a magician realizes that she is not a sorcerer. And it is only a matter of time before everyone else finds out too.

This book was really suspenseful. Sometimes I held my breath when I was turning a page because I was so worried that someone would find out Henrietta’s secret. I also loved Henrietta’s relationship with Rook, one of the Unclean. Which means that he was touched by one off the Ancients. He was lucky to have survived. Henrietta was so kind to Rook, even though no one else was. Blackwood was also an interesting character. I was not expecting the twist. All in all A Shadow Bright and Burning was a really good book. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu by Wendy Wan-Long Shang

thLucy Wu is going to have the best year of her life. Her older sister Regina is leaving for college which means that Lucy gets a room to herself. That is until her Chinese great-aunt comes to visit. Yi Po is staying in Lucy’s room with her. Yi Po is also staying until Christmas which means she is staying a few months. And her friend Talent Chang’s mom has started a Chinese school on the same time as basketball. Which means no basketball, just Chinese school.  And there is a school versus faculty basketball game where you have to being a can of food in to watch. And to be captain of the students basketball team you have to beat everyone else in a free throw contest. Lucy wants to be team captain but the most popular girl in the 6th grade is trying out and to make things worse she is bullying Lucy to try and stop her from playing. What will Lucy Wu do?

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu is amazing. It is a perfect blend of go away and no I want you here. You can see Lucy change through out the whole book. I think that is pretty cool. The way Lucy is bullied is also interesting. The bully acts like a 16 year old when she is only 12. But Lucy Wu handles the bullying actions especially well. Lucy Wu was a great character. The plot was great. But I have one problem. The author did not go into great detail about who the Amazonas and Kendra were. That is my only problem. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons



The Sun is Also A Star, by Nicola Yoon

downloadI dedicate this book review to the wonderful ladies at Little Blind Book Finds. If you have not followed them you should. I read their post on this book and chose to read it. Thank You!!!

Natasha and Daniel meet in a music store and fall in love. Natasha and her family are being deported today to Jamacia. Daniel is Korean American and is applying for college. These lucky two meet at a music store where they find Natasha’s exboyfriend’s girlfriend shoplifting and try to stop it. The pair then travels all New York asking each other questions and trying to stop Natasha from being deported. There were some other characters in the book like Irene, the security guard, Natasha’s parents, Natasha’s lawyer, and Daniel’s parents. All these  people played a special part in the book. Natasha and Daniel tried their best to stop Natasha’s deportation and to live their perfect life. They tried every possible way. But Natasha’s lawyer was a big butt head. He made out with a hot lady instead of talking to a judge about Natasha. I guess the message in this book is: You can try very hard but still never achieve anything.

I thought that The Sun Is Also A Star was amazing. I especially liked the parts where you would talk about something else for a page or two. The plot was really addicting. I really could not stop reading. The characters were pretty good also. I loved it when Natasha saved Irene’s life without knowing it. Just by calling to say thank you.  That was really sweet. I think that this book shows that everyone can make a difference. Big or Small. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

Small Steps, by Louis Sachar

downloadSmall Steps is the sequel to Holes. Armpit, also known as Theodore, is trying to turn his life around after coming home from Camp Green Lake. Armpit also has a few goals: 1. Graduate from high school. 2. Get a job. 3. Save his money. 4. Avoid situations that might turn violent. 5. Get rid of the nickname Armpit. I think that these are very reasonable goals. But then another friend from Camp Green Lake shows up. X-Ray. X-Ray has what he calls a money-making scheme.But the money-making scheme goes all wrong. Armpit and his friend Ginny, who is entering fifth grade and has cerebral palsy, meet teen pop star, Kaira DeLoen. And a mysterious police officer/detective is on the case of the ticket fraud, not knowing that Armpit is one of the people selling illegal tickets. Life is hard for some people. For some people it is harder, especially when you have a criminal record.

First of all, sorry for not posting for a week. I love this blog and I love you for reading this blog. But back to business. Small Steps is full of twists, turns, and a lot of humor. But there is one problem, the author does not really mention Stanley that much(only once). That is a bit annoying.  But otherwise the book is great!!! The suspense was killing me. It was also really interesting to see what Armpit thought because we did not really hear about him in the Holes. All in all, this was a pretty good book. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

Holes, by Louis Sachar

downloadStanley Yelnats thinks that he is under a curse placed by his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. Because of this “curse” Stanley is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because he is overweight, he gets bullied. And when he finds some old smelly sneakers on the freeway he does not realize that they are the sneakers of a famous baseball player. So Stanley gets arrested and gets sent to a boys detention center called Camp Green Lake. The Warden at Camp Green Lake thinks that digging a hole 5ft deep and 5ft wide builds character. So each boy at Camp Green Lake has to dig a hole 5ft deep and 5ft wide. The Warden says that the kids are digging to build character but Stanley thinks that is something else.

Stanley thinks that Camp Gr een Lake is not what it seems to be. Can Stanley figure out the mystery of Camp Green Lake before someone gets hurt?

Holes is so funny!!!! There are some flashbacks into the past and the past is a romance that can never be. It can be really sad at times but that is why I consider a modern classic. Everyone should read it. Sadly the romance parts are not cheesy romance but classic romance. Sorry Book Princess. So the book starts off slow but gets better as  it goes along. Right now I am painting my nails green instead of red like the Warden’s nails. But it is the thought that counts. I really enjoyed Holes. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

I Will Always Write Back, by Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Gada With Liz Welch

downloadCaitlin’s English teacher assigned her class to pick a country and write a letter to someone living there. Caitlin chooses the country of Zimbabwe. Because the class does not know who will receive their letter they have to address it as Hello. 

Martin knows that he is lucky to receive a letter at all. Only the smartest kids in the grade get a letter. Martin tells Caitlin about his life in Zimbabwe and his family, friends, and school.

Caitlin and Martin could not have known how they would both change each other’s lives. They help each other realize their dreams and how they can achieve those dreams. They could not have possibly known how much Caitlin would help Martin. Caitlin learns how lucky she is and Martin learns that it is okay to ask for help. This is a book about empowerment, helping others, realizing dreams, and making long-lasting friends.

I Will Always Write Back is an amazing book. Apparently it is also a true story. I Will Always Write Back shows that anyone can help someone. Without donating to an organization. If you have not read this book you totally should. Caitlin also has school problems and family problems. This is really human and I am glad to encounter a character(real or not) that actually has social problems along with the problem they are trying to solve. I think that the authors could have put more of the letters in the book. That is my only compliant about I Will Always Write Back. Four Stars. Do you have any book suggestions for me? Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

The Isle of Brigadoon by J. S. Fields

downloadJ. S Fields sent me the file for The Isle of Brigadoon when he sent me the file for Center of Magic(you can read the review here). Thank You for sending me the file for this book. I dedicate this review to you.

After escaping the evil Source Ambrose, Reese and her magical friends were transported to the mysterious Isle of Brigadoon. They are learning how to control their powers in training and are reading lots of books in the Library. One book especially. Tereo has gone to the Center of Magic but can now answer questions through the form of Reese’s little black book. Everything is going great except for one little thing.

Only magical people can enter the Isle of Brigadoon through magical means. So Emily was left behind and is now being painfully tortured. Ambrose wants Em to be his new vessel but it can only happen if Em is beaten, broken, has no hope left. Ambrose also wants to find the Center of Magic and to do so he is gathering a stunning army. A strange prophecy states that if the team rushes to save Em many will die, but if they prolong her pain only one will die. What will the team chose?

I think that The Isle of Brigadoon is even better than the Center of Magic. I also think that J. S. Fields might be my new favorite author. You can find The Isle of Brigadoon and Center of Magic on Amazon. I can not wait for the third, and last, book in the trilogy to come out. I am so excited!!!!! You never knew if there was a traitor, and if there was, who? J. S. Fields introduced some really cool characters that you had never heard of in the last book. I also adopted my new tagline from his book. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons