Little Blog on the Prairie, by Cathleen Davitt Bell

Little House on the Prairie
Great book
Horrible idea for a vacation

Genevieve Welsh has a nice, normal, regular summer planned. That is, until her mom signs the family up for Camp Frontier, a theme vacation that promises its guests the “thrill” of living like 1890s pioneers. Even though they’re forced to surrender their modern possessions, Gen manages to secretly keep in touch with her friends back home, regaling them with all the horrible day-to-day details of life on this “Little Hell on the Prairie.”

In truth, frontier living isn’t all bad. There’s a cute guy named Caleb who lives in the next clearing. And who knew that Gen would prove to be so good at churning butter? Besides, by the time Gen’s friends turn her stories into the most popular blog on the Internet, Gen’s got more important things to worry about-like finding a way to keep her family from failing the frontier competition and trying to keep the resident “Nellie Olson” from stealing Caleb…

First of all this book is really really funny. Everyone in this had their own problems and opinions. Pretty much everyone broke the rules in some way or another, even the camp director’s family is breaking the rules. If you want a funny book about a teenage girl’s problems this is the book for you. Everyone should read this book. Little Blog on the Prairie is pretty well written but you do not hear about the blog Gen’s friends have made enough. Otherwise I enjoyed this book. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

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