About the Author

Hello!!! My name is Annalee and I have 1 cat called Zorro, 2 younger sisters, and 3 shelves of books in my room(and way more shelves of books around the house). If you follow my blog I will probably follow your blog back unless are interests do not collide. I will at least look at your about page. I am so happy that you have found my humble blog in this big heap of wordpress blogs. I was not expecting anyone to read this blog so I am pretty happy that at least someone found it. I am a speed reader so I will read most books in a day or to. I am very busy during the summer so I may not post for weeks at a time. But during the spring, fall, winter seasons I will be able to post more often. I have a mascot for this blog. He is one of the few remaining stuffed animals that I own because I could not bear to part with him. His name is Buttons. There will be a picture of him below. I will mostly be posting book reviews, but I will do the occasional tag or blogger award of you nominate me. I have a survey up called How is my Blog Doing I would apperipicate it if you filled out the form.I am very glad that you have come to Buttons Book Reviews. Please stay and read a few posts. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons