Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli

download (5)She is as mysterious as the cacti. As interesting as her pet rat. As magical as the dark side of the moon. She is Stargirl. Stargirl is different. If it is your birthday you can be sure that Stargirl will go to your lunch table to sing you happy birthday, on her ukulele. If you do something nice she will make up a cheer for you right on the spot. Stargirl cheers for all the teams. She is just a nice person in general. At first, everyone is suspicious of Stargirl. Then people, begin to like her, especially Leo Borlock. Stargirl and Leo have a special relationship. Anything that happens to Stargirl, Leo will feel as well. Soon, people start hating Stargirl. They don’t talk to her, or Leo. Leo in his desperation begs Stargirl to be normal. Stargirl is a celebration of nonconformity, that everyone loves.

What I Liked
  • Stargirl: Stargirl reminds me of me. Sort of. I celebrate nonconformity. I can be nice to people. But mostly, I hide and read somewhere. Stargirl is amazing!!!!!! I also love her pet rat, Cinnamon. Cinnamon is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stargirl and Cinnamon are my favorite characters in this book!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hot Seat: Hot Seat is the school TV show that Leo, and his best friend, Kevin, came up with. Everyone loves it. You sit on a chair that has painted flames on it and the “jury” asks the “victem” personal questions. It is very funny,
  • Stargirl’s Clothes: I know what you are all thinking: “Stargirl’s CLOTHES? What does that mean?” Well, Stargirl’s mom makes clothes for movies and she makes Stargirl her clothes. One day Stargirl might come in a pioneer dress. Or a flowing shirt and long skirt. It always changes. I loved this part of Stargirl and I wished I had it for myself.
What I Disliked
  • Leo: Leo made me so mad. When everyone was shunning Stargirl he stuck up for her at first, but then he did it like everyone else. He thought that Stargirl was wierd too. And then she started liking him and he decided who cares. Stargirl deserved someone better.
  • MAHS: You were not allowed to different here. If you were different you were hated instantly. There was no coming back. I would have hated it. Everyone reading this would have probably hated it too. I don’t think that most high schools are like this.

Stargirl was amazing!!!! But then, I also didn’t like the MC. He was a jerk. Otherwise this book was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

The Hunter’s Daughter, by M. F. Lorson

51p8OI6VzQLMaura’s father is going on a hunting trip. a 30 day long hunting trip. Well on this hunting trip his 2 daughters have to stay home alone. Maura has an 8 year-old sister named Natalie that she has to take care of, as well as herself. Her father leaves their neighbor to watch over them. Alex’s parents have dropped him off at his grandfather’s house for the summer. His grandpa has to watch over some kids for a month while their father goes hunting. Maura is Alex’s age and they start to hang out. Challenges happen and they stick together. But, when Maura’s dad misses the return date and does not come home. Together, Maura and Alex decide to look for Maura’s dad. They encounter many more challenges and meet new people, or friends. But, what they find may change everything.

What I Liked
  • Maura: Maura is very brave and strong. She is the example of girl power. If I were in her way I would leave, fast. She cares for her family, her neighbor, and Alex. Tough but caring. My role model.
  • Alex: Alex is amazing. He goes along with Maura when she wants to find her dad. But, he might have only done that because he loves Maura, a little bit. Love at first sight.
  • The Different Character Perspectives: I loved how the author would put alternate character perspectives based on the chapters. Usually, it was just Alex and Maura, but, sometimes the author would throw someone different in there to shake things up.
What I Disliked
  • Maura”s Father: Maura’s father was an idiot. Who would leave their children alone in a house for a summer. I mean, I get that he has issues, but that is over the top. I was secretly hoping that he would get arrested and that the kids would have to go live with Alex’s grandpa.
  • The Woods: I live in the woods. The woods near my house are nothing like the woods in the book. It sounds like the author was trying to sound real. But, he overdid some parts.

I liked most of the characters. The setting was a big if. And I hated the dad. But, everything else was good. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

Beautiful Redemption, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

th (12)After Ethan jumped from the water tower, he died. Which is pretty obvious. There is a freaky afterlife where Ethan and his mother can leave messages for those living. Ethan is trying to become one of the living again. Everyone in the living world wants Ethan to come back as well. Amma is trying to hold herself together because Ethan’s father does not know anything. Lena is greif-stricken, but at least she has Casting on Ethan’s father to take it of her mind. Ethan leaves messages for Amma and Lena, telling them what he needs to get back to the world of the living and telling them that he is okay. To get his life back, Ethan needs to sneak into the Far Keep and destroy his page in the Caster Chronicles. On this journey Ethan meets the Greats, his mother, Aunt Prue, and even more diverse characters. But, even with all of the help he is getting will Ethan be able to get his life back?

What I Liked
  • Ethan’s Mom: Ethan’s mom was just so nice. I can see her being the perfect mother to anyone. If she was my mother I would be so happy!!!!!!! She was nice to everyone. Except, Mrs. Lincoln. For a very good reason, which I will talk about later in this post.
  • Sarafine: Sarafine was not a good guy in the first three books, but the one scene she was in made me like her. Sarafine was blinded and cplace of tutore hained in a maze and made to fight people for fun. She made a noble sacrifice for Ethan to get into the Keep.
  • Amma: Amma also made a noble sacrifice for Ethan. I hope she finds happiness. Wherever she is.
What I Disliked
  • Mrs. Lincoln: Mrs. Lincoln is evil, in my world. She thought that the Harry Potter series promoted witchcraft, so she asked the county library to ban, or burn, the books. In our family the Harry Potter series is sacred. So I got mad when Mrs. Lincoln wanted to ban, or burn, the Harry Potter books.
  • The Far Keep: The Far Keep is where there is supposed to be a place of knowledge. Instead it is a place of pain and misery.

Beautiful Redemption is pretty good. It is a good end to the Caster Chronicles. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons 

Beautiful Chaos, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Sthol

th (11)After Lena’s (actual) Claiming Moon, the world is ending. It was Lena’s fault. She chose to be both Light and Dark, so the Order of Things is now broken. Plagues of locusts, scorching heat, and wacky weather all attack Gatlin. Everyone is in panic mode. Ethan is forgetting things that he needs to know. Names, places, phone numbers, and more of his past. Apparently, this freak show can be stopped. Everyone is now trying to figure out that way. Amma is talking to a bokor. Ethan is trying to find out who the One Who is Two is. Lena is using her powers to stop the weather. John Breed is helping out Lena. Link is helping out Lena and John Breed. Macon is trying to figure out what Abhram did to John Breed. Liv is helping out Macon. But none of it is working. When a deal from the Demon Queen comes no one knows what to do.

What I Liked
  • John Breed: I know, I know, John Breed was one of the bad guys in the last book. But he helped out so much in this book. He explained what he could do and his childhood to Macon. And he got a girlfriend.
  • Ethan: Ethan was once again very caring, kind, and just nice in general. Most of the time. I was so impressed. And the fact that he did not kill John Breed as soon as he saw him made me so happy.
  • The Twist: The twist was so good. I thought something and then, suddenly, it changed direction. The twist kept me hooked and since the book ended on a twist I am super excited to read the next book.
What I Disliked
  • The End of the World: The end of the world could have been way better. I was expecting way more out of it. Maybe some slugs, a couple snowstorms, and a few flash floods mixed in.
  • Sarafine’s Past: I was expecting more out of that as well. You could have made it sadder, angrier, happier, just more emotional. When you read it, it sounded like meh.
  • The Aunt Prue Visions: The Aunt Prue visions did not need to be in the book. The made me cry so that I had no tears for the ending. Aunt Prue was an important character in book two but all she did in this book was lie in a hospital bed, send out visions, and die. Aunt Prue should have done more.

So, this book is good. I enjoyed parts of it. But some scenes did not need to be there and they made me mad. All the characters were good (except for Aunt Prue). The setting was not terrible. The twist was pretty great. But all in all, the scenes that did not need to be there got under my skin. Three Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

Beautiful Darkness, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Sthol

th (10)After Lena’s Sixteenth Moon, her Claiming Moon, Lena feels guilty about Macon’s death. Ethan still does not know that he died and instead thinks that he fell off of a crypt and got knocked out. Now, Lena runs away from everything, even Ethan. Since Ethan does not remember anything he thinks that Lena is running away from him. During this period of time Amma also made Ethan get a job, at the library (one of my dream jobs). At the library, Ethan meets the librarian’s summer intern, called Liv. Ethan’s job is to introduce Liv to the people of Gatlin and to Gatlin itself. So, Lena runs away and Ethan, Liv, Link, and later on, Ridley go on a mission to stop Lena and to convince her that she is not going to go Dark. Or that she at least still has a choice in the matter. But, with everything that Lena’s mom throws at them will they be able to make it to Lena?

What I Liked
  • Liv: Liv is my new favorite character. Liv reminds me of an eighteen year old me. I love Liv. She is just so awesome!!!!!!!!
  • Ethan: Once again, Ethan. The way he looks out for everyone in his group makes me so happy. I also loved how easily he took the fact that he was a wayward. I would have been running around the room screaming.
  • All the Caster Creatures: There were so many different Caster creatures in this book. I loved them all. But I think my favorite was the Caster mountain lion called Bade.
What I Disliked
  • How Little They Talked About Lena: Everyone was trying to stop Lena from making this journey but they didn’t talk about Lena very much. The authors should have added more Lena scenes. The book would have been way better because of it.
  • Larkin: Larkin could have been way better.  But the author’s did not make him as scary as I would have liked. Instead of being scary, Larkin was just stupid.

Well, besides the things that I didn’t like Beautiful Darkness was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Sthol

th (9)Living in the town of Gatlin, where nothing ever changes, Ethan Wate has a normal life. He goes to basketball practice, dates pretty girls, and pretty much lives up to the expectations of everyone in the town. That is, until Lena Duchannes comes to town. Everyone hates Lena. She lives with the town shut-in, Macon Ravenwood, she drives a hearse, and her family does not have a pedgriee dating back to the Civil War. OR the Revolutionary War. So, Lena is an outcast. Everyone teases her in school and calls her a witch. Everyone that is, except Ethan. Ethan comes to understand Lena, her powers, and her family. And Ethan’s family comes to understand Lena. Lena and Ethan become boyfriend and girlfriend. But only for so long. Lena’s sixteenth birthday is coming. And with it, great change. Do Ethan and Lena really have forever?

What I Liked
  • Ethan: Ethan always tries so hard to achieve his dreams. He used to go with the flow, even when it was not right. Now Ethan stands up for everyone and everything. Ethan’s character grows a lot in this one book.
  • Amma: Amma reminds of a voodoo grandmother. the one who sticks charms in your socks on your birthday and remembers what everyone’s favorite cake is. Even though Amma is not the nicest, she cares for Ethan like the mother he doesn’t have.
  • Gatlin: Gatlin is really mean. But if you are one of Gatlin, Gatlin will claim you, look out for you, and love you. But if your not of Gatlin, then you will never be one of Gatlin.
 What I Disliked
  • Lena: Lena was a bit too sad for me. After a week of trying to achieve something she just gives up. Lena could have stayed a bit more positive throught the books.
  • Ridley: Ridley changed by the end of the first book but I still hate her. She forced people to do her bidding without letting them choose. And she thought she was making Lena happy but she actually Just made it worse.

Beautiful Creatures is a pretty good book. You will never get bored and you will never want to put it down. I reccomend that you read this book. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

Vitro by Jessica Khoury

On Skin Island children are raised in test tubes. These children are made to imprint on something and do their bidding. But in a different city, Sophie feels betrayed. When Sophie was younger her mother worImage result for vitro by jessica khouryked on Skin Island, but she came home. Now Sophie’s mom works at Skin Island around the clock. Because Sophie’s mom doesn’t come home anymore, Sophie and her dad moved to the States.  That was years ago. Now, Sophie has received a mysterious email from her mom telling her to come to Skin Island to visit. When Sophie reaches Skin Island she will uncover secrets that she would never have dreamed of. 

What I Liked
  • Lex: Lex was so sweet and innocent. Everyone thought that Vitros did not have feelings. Lex proved that she could say no. And that all Vitros were not bad.
  • Skin Island: Skin Island was a beautiful place. I want to live there forever. And when I die I think I want to haunt it. I know, I believe in ghosts. Skin Island is amazing.
  • Jim: Jim is so kind to Lux even though Lux imprints on him and will do whatever he wants. I would be a tyrant. All those poor Vitros would be like slavs. So I am glad I am not in this book.
What I Disliked
  • Sophie: Sophie had too many emotional conflicts.  Like “I love Mom” and five pages later hated her mom. Sophie’s feelings were changing way too fast.
  • Strauss: You would think that Strauss is a boy, but she prefers to be called by her last name. Strauss is a demon. She kills people and she had the workers install a gas chamber below the basement. Who does that?
  • Nicholas: You might think that Strauss is the villain. But she is not. It is Nicholas. He says that he is trying to free the Vitros but he is actually trying to kill them.

So Vitro is a pretty good book and it has an air of mystery around it. But, I didn’t like the main character. Three Stars. Thanks for Reading!! Have a great day!!! – annaleeliz and Buttons